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pets expansion pack review [Nov. 17th, 2006|06:32 pm]
daffidoll's sim obsession


I wrote this here:

Pets is the only expansion pack I have. So I wanted to mention, that after you install it, you still get the whole thunderbolt chemistry thing that people were talking about with nightlife. In the create-a-sim screen, I can now choose turn-ons and turn-offs. So I don't think you HAVE to have nightlife to get the new social romance stuff.

You will like pets if you really like raising babies and training toddlers to walk and talk. And then making your sims have babies just to see what they look like. Pets is basically the same thing... you train them and then mate them and see what the babies look like. for me, its perfect.

I haven't bothered to buy nightlife or open for business because I never leave my house. I don't bother with community lots. And I often use the money cheat and don't have my sims gets jobs at all. I am much more interested in making babies.